Monday, March 22, 2010

le sigh.

i am feeling far less than witty, and have been looking at a sky filled with clouds all day. also, i have not been inspired to blog lately, i think i've been in some sort of funk. got a case of the blahs.

(image via tumblr)


  1. Do you need a vacation to inspire you? I do but it is not going to happen anytime soon...Maybe it really is time to start reading my pile of books!?!? haha

  2. Well, that picture is pretty witty. I wish my therapist would work for 5 cents. I'd probably go to any therapist who'd do it for that cheap, though....

    You'll burst from your funk like a newborn from a fresh placenta! Just give it time :)


  3. I think I meant "like a newborn AND a fresh plancenta". The newborn would be burst, i think, from the amniotic sac. Note to self: do not write comments while slightly (okay, significantly) tipsy. I swear I'm not that dumb...i mean, usually.

  4. I can so relate to this! Inspiration do fade from time to time but when it comes it can hit you to the limit where you have an overdose of ideas. Love that! lol
    I must be a creative junkie...
    Best of luck, I hope your inspiration comes back soon:)

  5. oh lordy, that picture made my laugh. love them boys.

  6. That photo made me laugh too. Have a day full of beautiful inspirations!

  7. LOVE flight of the concords! Now I'm sad their show isn't continuing :(


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