Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday scribbling

from a while back. because i haven't been able to touch a pen in weeks?! something ridiculous must be in the air, because i find myself unable to blog or scribble. wtf, universe? also, this drawing is a mess of crooked wonkiness, but that's okay. i think.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


oh man!

i am so rude. and being rude doesn't lend itself to being " a nice girl who google images kittens" so, my apologies. in my absence i turned 23, set up a vegetable garden, met my boyfriend's nephew (seriously, kid is 85% cheek), took part in a family reunion of sorts, painted faces for a good cause, and climbed a mountain two mountains. that last endeavor provided me with a shiny new header, so yay.

ah, adventures abound! i spent the last two days/monday night hiking the appalachian trail and camping. it's a good thing we hadn't planned to stay any longer because i got my ass HANDED to me by those mountains. omigosh. word to the wise: always bring boys along while camping. they do nifty things like start fires that actually burn, and carry your pack when that vanilla latte you thought was a good idea is making your heart race, and your legs wobbly. funny story:

we started our lovely day climbing humpback rocks with 30 lb. packs on. don't do that. just...don't. when we finally made it to the top (the guys had to carry their packs and mine) we marveled at the view and met some friendly hikers. we exchanged information, and planned to meet up for some camping, and beach adventures. good stuff. since we weren't quite sure where the appalachain trail was from there, i sat by the packs, and the boys went and found the trail. the hikers we met (obviously thinking we were long gone) decided this would be a GREAT time to disrobe and have wild animal sex on the mountain. awkwardddd. and because we are all super mature, we high-fived cause dude, they were totally doing it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool

i'm on my way home to a little place you've probably never heard of. i'll be taking part in some lovely birthday and easter festivities, and for the second time in my fairly young life, those two days are one in the same. i am also happy to report that my sunshine-y sate of mind has returned with the, well, sunshine. (to think i could be so moody?) i will be working on eating lots of cake, getting TONS of fresh air, and some new and revisted artworks.

much cake, sunshine, and bunnies (but only if you'll love them)

(images via tumblr, weheartit)