Thursday, June 17, 2010

falling off the face of the earth. and other news.

dear internet,

oh, how i have missed you. please know you have had nothing to do with my absence, and that i still think of you kindly.

i haven't exactly been the most diligent of bloggers as of late, and for that, i apologize. truth be told, i have been undergoing a bit of a re-assessment of self. which is just fancy talk for wondering what the fuck i am doing. but alas! i have sorted through the mess, and have come to the other side feeling more like a girl with a purpose. so, i am going to continue this hiatus with the distinct purpose of returning with a little something to say, and a lot of exciting things to show you. in the meantime, i will enjoy the constant inspiration and all around lovely things you folks have to share on this crazy thing we call the internet. science + philosophy will lovingly return in the fall of 2010.

until then, stay lovely.