Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it always grows back, hair grows even after you're dead.

just got back, after a week of lounging around, taking in the sea air and wishing for spring. worked on a project for a craftster swap, watched some great movies, and managed to turn myself a into a dead-ringer for one mister draco malfoy.

no seriously, upon seeing the results, we all launched into a fury of snobbish harry potter quotes. good times had by all, not counting, of course, my poor hair, who takes it like a champ. FILTHY MUDBLOOD.


the beauty of hair is that it grows, even after you're dead. another box, another color. and man oh man, i love to wing it.

so, for now, i'm looking at pictures of charlotte gainsbourg, listening to andrew bird, and working on in progress. also, catching up on all the wonderful blog posts i've missed..

(images via my save folder?)

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