Saturday, February 13, 2010

lee alexander mcqueen

i was on my way back from the black hole that is the country, when i learned that alexander mcqueen had died. and i thought, "hmm. that's sad. riiight at the beginning of new york fashion week. hmm."

i mean, i like fashion, but i don't know diddly shit about it. my knowledge of mcqueen's designs didn't really extend too much further than lady gaga's shoes. so seriously, i don't know what i'm talking about.

within hours i started seeing the reactions of some of the fashion bloggers i follow, and i started to realize this guy was so influential and inspiring to a lot of people. it sucks to have to learn about someone's virtues only after they've died, but that's what it took.

when you encounter someone, in passing or directly, who is able to kindle that spark in you that wants to be forever a child, to always push what is acceptable, to play with life, they capture a little bit of you. anyone who proudly declares, "why not?" anyone who knows better than to just go with the grain. anyone who is unapolagetically their own person. and it started to make me think about people like that i've come across. and what a crying fucking shame it would be if they were suddenly gone, and couldn't inspire or excite me anymore, and what a physical void i'd have left.

so, i started looking at his most recent collections, and pieces from the last few years, and alexander mcqueen made me smile, that cheeky smile you get when someone is telling a joke that's just a tad inappropriate, or uncalled for. i like that. mr. mcqueen had taste, you know, the kind of taste that says, "nah eff your status-quo, THIS is taste."

so here's to all the people who are pure souls in that they are unrepentantly themselves, godspeed.

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  1. awww! i like the things you say, and show, and think... thanks for catching my attention :)


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