Sunday, February 14, 2010

i kinda love love

i think it would be appropriate to share things that i've jacked off, jacked off the internet, that is. see what i did there? with the words?....clever, i know. why? because i'm a hopeless romantic, goddamnit, that's why. these are things i've found various places. i'll try to credit accordingly.

i'd also like to add that i think it's just too adorable that i'm maintaining this blog that i'm sure nobody reads, but, hey, i'm sappy like that. but, imaginary internet readers, it is my sincere hope that you get flowers on non-holidays, and have hot sex on tuesdays, just because.

i love this, there really is something freeing about letting someone in, letting them see you look like crap and love you for it.
(photo from

weird people are the best ones to love, at least, for my sake, i hope that's true.
(photo via leloveimage.blogspot)

this is beautiful. they look like they're at prom, falling in love despite the gaudy, tawdry nature of proms. plus a little sex, courtesy of the disco ball.
(via leloveimages)

but, of course, it's not. i'm also allowed to call you awful things in pretty languages.

sweet girl, sweet ink, sweet message.

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