Saturday, February 20, 2010

doom? nah. well, maybe.

my little ceramic heater could blow up, any second, ending my young life.

no seriously, i think about stuff like that. take for instance, the microwave. this coyly benign household object could easily introduce you to your untimely demise. i kid you not, imaginary internet people. i'm sure it's quite possible that, while heating up something delicious, say, hot chocolate, that the microwave could explode. hey man, don't question me - it's a microwave, it's like they're built with disaster in mind. anyway, while taking in the view of my soon-to-be-enjoyed warm beverage, my microwave detonates and that clever little plate of glass placed in the door for easy viewing comes flying towards me and lodges in my jugular. and then i die. without ever having tasted my wonderful cocoa. yeah, plausable. and i wish you'd stop telling me it's ridiculous.

because ridiculous is blogging to imaginary internet people. and i obviously do not entertain things that could be labeled as such.

what i'm trying to say, in a manner of eloquence that would put many a dead writer to awful shame, is that life is much, much too short. some may even hint that it is perhaps fleeting (but don't quote me on that) so why not cut your own hair in the middle of the night? hm? why not declare proudly that if there were degrees available in swashbuckling, that you'd persue a doctorate? answer me that, imaginary internet people. go do something that you wouldn't even expect yourself to do. stop passing time and go do it. go wild. make yourself believe in something.

just. fucking. do it.

(images via fffound, tumblr, hearblack)


  1. You're my other half, no jokes. I think about that ALL the time when I'm heating something in the microwave. So I always make sure to step away from it. :)

  2. Yeah! I'm totally there! What I want is to raise Saanen goats. For reals. My husband says he doesn't want any but I tell him ALL THE TIME all those things you just said. This tears is. I'm getting them.


  3. I was supposed to be saying "This tears IT." Not is.

    Anyway, yeah! Where in VA are you? You seem right awesome.

  4. thank you, miss. usually, i'm in norfolk, except when i'm not, and currently i am living with friends in hampton.


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