Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Antisocial networking

I have a problem with social networking. To me, it all seems great, in theory. However, when it comes to practice, I fail miserably. Epically. If that's a word. Which I seem to doubt very seriously.

So it came to my attention, after a long weekend in the country (read: avoiding serial killers) that the whole of facebook has delved into some sort of doppleganger appreciation. Which seems a little self congratulatory since everyone is comparing themselves to people much much more accomplished and attractive than themselves. But, whatever, I was momentarily seduced by it. So, I half-heartedly joined this group. And they're all,

"WHOA MISSY. You have to add 30 friends, and then, maybe, we'll suggest that you look like Kate Hudson when you do the angles, yes you know them, the angles."

And I'm all,"pfffft angles. fuckkkk I was trying to be subtle."

So I did a math equation so advanced it would rattle mathmetics to it's very core. It was more or less me factoring in the time it takes to click 30 people's little boxes divided by the probability that I'd get matched with Seth Rogan and so totally equalled duuuuddde why do I care? But actually equalled, "this will make me look so lame."

It has nothing to do with 30 people being, like, half of my facebook friends. So, you take that back. Internet.

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